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The Drum Head Practice Pad

At Drum Head we are passionate about inspiring musicians worldwide. The Drum Head Practice pad or better know as the DHP is the ultimate practice tool.100% Handcrafted, Designed and Tested by Drummers.


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Drum Head Heavy duty sticker - We all know that standard print fades over time on a typical practice pad. Our sticker has been designed to withstand even the heaviest player.

Our playing surface has been meticulously refined to give

the player the best experience. The DHP both offers an

incredibly enjoyable playing surface and wrist workout.

The base of the DHP is made from the highest quality moisture resistant wood and finished in the iconic Drum Head gold.

Standing Shot DHP.png

How it was made

When designing the DHP we knew we wanted to create a handcrafted, bespoke product. Everything down to the moisture resistant base has been hand cut, sanded and painted.

"By manufacturing the pad ourselves we have an extra level of control over quality and finish. You know for certain that a huge amount of time has gone into your very own pad and can guarantee exceptional quality"

Dylan McCormick Moran
Founder - Drum Head

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