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Learn all aspects of Drumming

RSL Awards is a global leader in contemporary arts education that operates in over 50 countries. They created what is know as the Rockschool Drums grades. At the Drum Head Academy we teach Grades Debut through to Grade 8.

Each Grade book contains 12 songs from a wide range of genres along with technical exercises that will take your Drumming to the next level. This structured syllabus makes learning Drums fun and rewarding. 

You sit an exam at the end of learning each grade ( More info below )

and receive a certificate. Dylan has completed all Grade exams with distinction so you will have piece of mind knowing your tutor has been exactly where you are.



Here's why you should learn the Rockschool Syllabus with us

Fun & Safe learning 

All of our tutors have sat grade exams and started from 0. We know exactly what it feels like and the process needed to see results. Learning Drums can be challenging but we also encourage students to have fun and freedom behind the kit.

24/7 Support

We are dedicated to helping each student reach their potential. Our Academy offers 24/7 support. Whether you have a question or need help learning, booking, or sitting your exam. Rest assured we have everything covered and have helped countless students reach their goals.

You can sit the exam in our studio

Here are the two options to sitting a Rockschool exam with us

In person exam

You can sit an in person exam in Dublin with an official Rockschool examinar. You will have to play 3 of your learned Grade pieces along with technical exercises and ear tests.

Record Exam with us

Alternatively you can come to our studio and record your exam. We set up the camera's, mics etc. All you have to do is play your 3 Grade pieces and technical exercises. Best of all if you make a mistake we can start again.



Ken Fitzpatrick

"Being a part of the Drum Head Academy has truly been a game-changer for my drumming. The structured approach of the Rockschool Drum Grades and the Academy's folder have provided a clear path for my progress.

I highly recommend the academy to any aspiring drummer looking to excel"

Grade 1 Distinction

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