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Temmy Edwards

United Kingdom

Temmy is a session musician/drummer based in Manchester England with years of live performance and studio recording experience. Temmy is a versatile drummer across various genres from Funk, Pop, Fusion, Gospel, Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae, R'n'B, Blues and more.

Coming from a gospel background Temmy has used his experience to his advantage, learning and growing from every new opportunity given. Which has contributed to creating his own sound.

In the last few years Temmy has had the privilege of meeting and working with talented musicians across the UK. He currently plays for SWJ Group, a 70s funk inspired band with a unique take on psychedelic funk. They’re a band making waves with their unique sound in and around the UK, giving them the opportunity to open for the likes of Tower Of Power, Focus, The Sugarhill Gang, James Taylor Quartet and more.

To keep in touch with Temmy click the link below

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