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Nicolo Buganza


Hey, it's Nikk! I'm an italian drummer based in Milan. My drumming career started when I was a young boy, jamming along U2 songs and then I started taking lessons from a local drum teacher.
Tha teacher introduced me to the local band scene and from here I had the opportunity to play lots of concerts all around my city.
Later I joined the Orchestra Accademica ensable that allowed me to play with some outstanding international classical artists such as Johan De Meij (Sudler Prize 1989), Marco Pierobon, Irene Veneziano and more.
Regarding the more modern side of music, I'm a member of the italian progressive metal band Apple Sauce.
With my band I had the pleasure publish my first album via Famined Records (Los Angeles, USA) and also to share the stage with impressive international touring artists such as The Contorsionist, Ralph Salati (Destrage), Skyharbor, Folkstone, Hypno5e and more.

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