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Drummer Silhouette Decal

Drummer Silhouette Decal


Drummer Silhouette..



- Two Layer Decal 

- Suitable for Drum Heads, Hardcases, Cars, Windows, Walls etc

- Long lasting

- 5 ½  inch High x 5 ½ inch Wide


Contact for any other custom orders

Bottom Color Eg Black
Top Color
  • How to Apply

    • Clean the surface where the decal will be applied: Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dust, oil, or grease.

    • Slowly Peel transfer tape from the backing. The Vinyl should life with the transfer tape. In the case the Vinyl doesnt lift from the backing apply pressure with a credit card.

    • Position the decal: Hold the decal in place on the surface, making sure it is straight and aligned with your desired location.

    • Apply pressure: Use a credit card, squeegee, or your fingers to apply pressure to the decal, making sure it adheres firmly to the surface.

    • Remove transfer tape : carefully peel the tape away from the decal at a sharp angle, making sure the decal stays in place on the surface.

    • Enjoy: Your decal should now be securely in place on your surface. Enjoy your new decoration!

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